We have a range of Grasses available. The list below has the Common name, Botanical name and Other names that the various Grasses are known by.

Common Name / Botanical Name / Other Name

  • Blue Fescue / Festuca Glauca
  • Mondo Grass / Ophiopogon Japonicus Nanus Dwarf
  • Black Mondo Grass / Ophiopogon Planiscapus Nigrescens
  • Mondo Grass / Ophiopogon Japonicus
  • Stripey White / Ophiopogon Intermedians Alba Variegata
  • Dwarf Spanish Iris / Dietes Bambino Bicolour
  • Society Garlic / Tulbaghia Violacea Variegated
  • Society Garlic / Tulbaghia Violacea
  • Tanika / Lomandra Longifolia
  • Purple Fountain Grass / Pennisetum Advena Rubrum
  • Crocus Yellow Autumn / Zephyranthes
  • Cassa Blue / Dianella Caerulea
  • Little Jess / Dianella Caerulea
  • Little Rev / Dianella Revoluta
  • Utopia / Dianella Prunina
  • Evergreen Giant / Liriope Giganteum
  • Red Fountain / Cordyline Banksii

Some plants are seasonal or out of stock for a short time, please ring for availability.

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