Garlic Cloves

Time to start to plant the garlic cloves. These are local growen cloves. Easy to grow ask us how. $4.95

Finger Lime

A small evergreen tree which bears true edible citrus fruits. The skin of limes ripens from purple to green or pink.

Ficus Lyrata

Robust ficus fiddle shaped leaves, bright green indoors or full shade plant for pots. $29.50


Tropical folage plant. Ideal for indoors or full shade. Price: $13.50

Punica Granatum

Highly decorative,shrubby, deciduous fruit tree. Grows to 4 metres tall with attractive foliage. Flowers and fruits. The red juice around the pomegranate seeds is prized. Price: $25.00


Hawaiin Guava or Lemon Guava. Medium tree with dull green leaves white flowers yellow fruit in late summer.$25.00

Philotheca Buxifolia Cascade

An evergreen small shrub to 50cm in height. Ideal for pots, rockeries and small gardens. White star flowers in early spring. Price: $15.95